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"Hotell rooms" documentary



The Acoustic Versions of the Hotel Rooms songs.

These songs are recorded directly after I finished writing them at the place I happened to be staying. You can tell that I continued to fiddle with them before and during the recordings.

(Songs are in mp3-format. To listen? Click on the images. Download? Rightclick and choose "save link as".)

01. Sitting In A Hotel Room
This one wass written in a room at Hotel Smedjan in Pajala, Sweden right before dinner after a seminar I held.
02. Scary To Be Alone
I wrote this right after dinner in a state of feeling unbeatable…writing wise…at the same hotel in Pajala, Sweden.
03. Rain
Saw the light at Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, where I saw the rain wash away tears and clean the big windows facing Gullmarsplan.
04. (It’s Just A) Phase
It was written at Hotel Ferrum in Kiruna, Sweden, with the mine and the winter outside, and the missing and the emptiness inside.
05. Santa Barbara
It took two sessions to complete this song. One at Quality Hotel Luleå, the other one at Hotel Royal in Umeå. The sun was nowhere to be seen.
06. Something Left Behind
Another one born at Quality Hotel Luleå. Born from the memory of an empty, newly-moved-out-of apartment.
07. The Good Guy
Also written at Clarion Hotel, Stockholm. A small room…It felt empty and understanding.
08. Ten Bucks
Was written in a slightly inebriated state of mind after meeting a suspected female prostitute in an elevator at the Gramercy Park Hotel N.Y.C. The whole day was wrapped in the color black. By the way…this was the last song to be written for the album…it was added quite some time after the album was done.
09. Sad Sad Case Of Friday Night
This song got it’s musical chorus in Minneapolis, but saw the light of the night in a room at Hotel Laponia in Arvidsjaur, Sweden after a wild night at the hotel where it felt like many tragic souls were desperately trying to have fun, but the characters in the story are taken from two different episodes at Restaurant Tranan in Stockhom, Sweden.
10. Dropping The Keys
Thoughts on the leaving of apartments and rooms, breakups and uncertainty that got their voice at Hotel Pellonhovi in Pello, Finland…a very gloomy Saturday evening.
11. Turn Around And Face The Wall
Actually the first song to be written for the album. It came to at Quality Hotel in Gällivare, Sweden. I had trouble sleeping and it came to me like a lullaby.