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Ollie Olson
Ten Bucks – The single from
Hotel Rooms – Birth Of A Sales Man (LBRCD 0701)

With hits like "Never Be Afraid Again" and "Lovin’ Is All Right" performed by Christian Walz, with his collaborations with Teddybears STHLM, Robyn and Ice-T and with one of the main parts in the award winning Roy Andersson feature film “You The Living” to his name, Ollie Olson is now releasing his first solo album "Hotel Rooms – Birth Of A Salesman" (Lovebat Recordings/BAM)

The long awaited album was secretly released via the Internet during November 2007, but the promotion for it started in December 2007/January 2008.

Ollie himself produced the album, but he had some welcome help by Klas Åhlund (Teddybears STHLM) on the single "Ten Bucks".

All songs were written at different hotels in the northern parts of Sweden, Stockholm, Los Angeles and New York in the slightly melancholic state of mind that is easily found in the lingering loneliness at hotel rooms. The lyrics are like documents ripped from the feelings of break up and reconciliation, the musical feet are planted in the soil of the American border town between soul music and country music. It sounds like it used to at the end of the sixties and the early seventies when music like this came pouring from the radio, and the spontaneous recordings all participate to create an impression of moving stillness…just like in a hotel room.

"Ten Bucks" were born after running into a presumed female prostitute in the elevator at the Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC.

-Klas heard my acoustic demo from the Gramercy, where I had recorded straight into the internal mic of the computer. He loved the nerve and the tension of the recording so he took it and put some other instruments on top of the voice and the acoustic guitar to create the sonic picture.

"Sitting In A Hotel Room" is written in a small Swedish northern town called Pajala, "Santa Barbara" came to at the Quality Hotel in Luleå and at the Royal Hotel in Umeå during two different sessions, "Rain" had it's start at Clarion Hotel in Stockholm. Every song has it's own story and origin. "Turn Around" was written as a lullaby to rock myself to sleep at the Quality Hotel in Gällivare, and “Sad Sad Case of Friday Night” saw the light of the night at a hotel room in Arvidsjaur, in the far north of Sweden, after a long wild night where it felt like too many tragic souls were hopelessly trying to have fun, the characters in the story, however, are from two different incidents at Tranan Bar in Stockholm…